Monday, January 31, 2011

Ariel 'Peterporn' gets 3 1/2 years jail term

Much to the displeasure of Ariel's fans, presiding Judge Singgih Budi Prakoso from the Bandung District Court sentenced the rock star to 3 1/2 years in jail and a fine of $25,000 (250 million rupiah).

The fine is to be paid over the course of three months.

The verdict is considered lighter than the demand of the prosecutors, which was at least 5 years. Two weeks ago the defense team lead by OC Kaligis has presented a hundred page of defense statement for the trail as quoted by also carried a similar report: Ariel Divonis 3,5 Tahun Penjara

Angry fans insisted he did nothing wrong, as they said he made the tapes in the privacy of his own home.

Other online news also carried the report on the Ariel sex-tape case. Below is the report by MSNBC online:
Pic taken from

Indonesian star gets jail time in sex-tape scandal 

Singer is first celebrity to be found guilty of violating anti-pornography law

Yahoo! Singapore Entertainment:

The Jakarta Post:

Three years and six months jail term for Ariel

The NST online news:

Peterpan rocker Ariel gets jail term for online sex

Friday, January 28, 2011

What is your political ideology? - The New Seekers and the Third Force have yet to materialise

One thing that irks me about the political paradigm in this country is that many people believe you either have to choose between the right or left wing -- meaning, either you support the current government coalition i.e the powers-that-be or the opposition (or one of the many opposition parties).

This simplistic dichotomy is downright irritating.

Yes, you can opt to choose neither, but you have to keep silent from commenting on current political matters or issues. The moment you open your mouth and say something against one of the two choices, you will be branded and stereotyped as a supporter to either one of the political parties/coalitian. 

Another simplistic dichotomy that revolves around the framework of political ideology is the question of whether you are a liberal or conservative. This simplified trait of stereotyping people by generalising them as liberals or conservatives works well within the Muslim community.

If you are a Muslim man and you are spotted with a long beard and wear a songkok or scull-cap, the Arabic robe, kurta' or baju Melayu, then you are definitely a conservative. This is the same with women who wear the tudung or the Muslimah headgear. 
So, beware of the conservatives, they are so kampong and close-minded, they won't even smile or shake hands with us, the liberals would chide.

If you are a Muslim man and speak English with an accent and wear western style clothes with a tie or jacket, then you are probably a liberal. For the liberal women, it's the same. They are the ones who do not don the tudung, wear make-up and lipsticks and colour their hair. 
So, beware of the liberals, they might turn the tide on you and one day your aqidah will be revoked, the conservatives would chide.

And that's where the problem starts.

But then, the political division in this multi-racial, multi-religious country of ours is not that simple to analyze or conclude by compartmentalizing them through their religion, ethnic groups or political stance. They are difficult to understand, each and every category is puzzled with various complexities, wrangled and squashed with so many variables.

We can't signify them by their political ideologies, as their ideology sometimes overlaps or intertwine between religion and one particular stance to another. Some people also change their political stance like they change cars once they have enough extra cash to buy another.

A Malay Muslim can be a conservative in his devotion to God, but also a liberal in his worldly practices or vice-versa. The same Malay Muslim man can also be a supporter of the government-of-the-day or a left-wing opposition and these political stance can change overnight according to their whims.
One day he sokong and the next day he jumps ship.

It all boils down to whether there is something amiss or some leader he dislikes in the political party he supports or if there is something better for him to grab if he jumps ship. Another thing could be that he needs to be in the winning party to save his skin for he has done something wrong with the law.

Irony, ain't it?

So, what is your political ideology?

If anybody ask me this question, I will give a very simple answer, and that is pragmatism or practicality. But before you read further, I would like you to know why I am writing this entry. 

In Facebook profile, when we register an account, we are asked to set a profile page (optional) by stating our philosophical believes. This is to denote what our religious and political views are. 

I find this quite relevant and interesting. I think Mark Zuckerberg did a well researched study on this matter before putting up Facebook on the world-wide-web map for all and sundry to join his brilliant idea of a social networking site. 

So, in my FB account, after filling this up I have set the status open for everybody to see. So that other people who wants to add me can know before hand what my religious and political leanings are.

But I did not put pragmatism or practicality as my religious and political views, as I do not want others to misconstrue or associate those words with liberals and liberalism. 

I do not also want people to misunderstood that due to my pragmatism and practicality, I am putting aside all other ideological culture and idealism -- meaning by being pragmatic and practical, one can be mistaken as a Machiavellian, and that the end justify the means is one of the policy.

Middle of the Road
However I entered "Middle of the Road" as my religious views and "The New Seekers" as my political views. You can let your imaginations run wild as to what those words mean!

Actually those two are the names of my favorite bands from the 60's and 70's..hehehe! 
No, I wasn't trying to be funny.

I was trying to look smart. Those who knew me know that I like to use puns (without indicating "pun intended"), metaphors or the like in my writings. 

"Middle of the Road" may be regarded as my religious views and practices - I am a moderate and progressive Muslim and I would always try to find a solution to a middle ground in solving and ending a problem or conflict, be it in religion or worldly matters.

"The New Seekers" as my political views signify that I am fed-up with the current political state of affairs in this country, and I wish to seek the existence of a better, stronger and more principled brand of politics from a party of dignified, incorruptible and trustworthy men and women (or even unpronounced gay) who can turn-over the political tide and then rule the country with fairness, compassionate, accountability and without greed.

Like many educated, well-read and well-traveled individuals, I have tried very much not to be equated with supporting a brand name; political figures; real-life legends or even fictional super heroes. And these stances include not having myself associated with any political ideology and what more support any political party.

Well, of course until there exist such a respectable party that can be associated with fairness and compassion and when entrusted with power would enforce the rule of law without fear or favour. But to be able to rule fairly and compassionately, the winning party's credibility will not just be portrayed in their statement of policy or motto but also implemented in practicality. 

And let the people be the judge to that -- when they are given the mandate in a free, democratic election!

But there are also some highly educated, well-read and well-traveled individuals who are indifferent to all this politics and ideology thingy. By not supporting any political party, these people think they are the Grown-Ups who supposedly don't meddle with politics. 

They are the cool guys. Only young boys play with politics, they say.

These people would sometimes flaunt their nonpolitical stance, by putting it on their Facebook profile, Political views: Apolitical.

Some would even brag all along that they are an apolitical being and that they don't like such and such party or make statements that politics are dirty bla..bla..bla... 

But I beg to differ. Being apolitical means you must not only be impartial, but also not have any interest in any political affairs or leanings. But if you say you are apolitical but at the same time make comments or cast aspersion against a political party, that is not apolitical. That is also like having a political stand, which in itself is a political ideology.  If you know and understand the political situation of the country, but by opting not to vote (or register as a voter) but at the same time show your disgust against a political leader or party, shows that you are a political being.

So, I do not consider myself apolitical. But what am I?
Can MCLM be considered the third force?
For quite a long time I have been searching in vain for the answers about what political ideology or leanings I belong to? I can't rely on The New Seekers or continue dreaming of having a third force, because they don't exist or have yet to materialise. But until yesterday, I finally had the answers and be able to put it down in words.

At last, I am able to find a social-political 'principle' or path which is close at heart to represent my current stand on what type, stand or brand of political support i should give to my country. I believe this 'principle' should be understood well by all Malaysians who aspire that the country be relieved from its social-political woes it is currently in, and why it is practically needed in this hard and trying times. 

This 'idea' was actually articulated by a Malaysiakini commentor by the name of ghkok. His one para comment was then supported by two other commentors, SusahKes and faz, whom I find equally appealing in their arguments. Thank you ghkok, SusahKes and faz for helping me put your ideas into a posting. I will use this arguments and gather some more and hopefully rewrite them into a another posting. And this other posting will be themed as such: What I would like to see Malaysia achieve in ten years from now.
Below are the comments from ghkok, SusahKes and faz taken from the Malaysiakini article Najib will have to go for broke by Terrence Netto, published yesterday (27 Jan 2011). If you do not have a Malaysiakini subscription, you can read the whole article from beritamalaysia. The comments can only be read from the Malaysiakini article by scrolling down the article and clicking on the View Comments (28)

ghkok wrote: The next General Elections is not about Najib, or even Anwar for that matter. It's about CHANGING THE SYSTEM. It's about the need to put an end to 53 years of one-party rule and to transition the country to a two-party system where GENUINE democracy thrives. It's about liberating the country from the suffocation of one-party monopoly. It's about cementing a system where PR and BN compete to offer the best solutions in an oppression-free arena. It's about voters regaining their power. It's about starting a culture of changing the Fed Govt every two or three terms - no matter whether it's PR or BN. It's about NEVER AGAIN letting one party stay in power for 53 years. 

SusahKes I agree with ghkok. It's not just about the man that Najib is; it's about changing this decrepit political system that demonises Malaysia. For all his pseudo-liberal posing, Najib has no qualms in pulling the rug under from a democratically elected government like Perak, nor is he shy of offering "electoral tidbits ala I help you, you help me", nor in censoring the Net. Reform from Najib? Aisay, mana boleh la..??..Altantuya punya kes pun belum solve; macam mana boleh ada reform? But even if Najib was clean & pure as a virgin who'd never seen a man, his political Godfathers aren't; which is UMNO. We desperately need a 2 party system in order to allow for political competition, which in turn should turn the tide towards healthy democracy. Whether Najib charms everybody with his pink lips or by putting a cut out that is larger than the gods at Bt Caves, he is part of the system that has no moral compass. A system that gave us Mahathir, Perkasa, PKFZ and lost USD100b of our money.

faz I support the call by ghkok. What we need is a working 2-party system that will compete for our votes. This is the best solution to the current turmoil. But, in practice, UMNO-BN has to lose an election first as UMNO-BN will not want the system in place, to limit their current corrupt ways. So, let us work together to make this a reality. NEVER AGAIN a political party stay in power too long as evident of the long staying UMNO-Alliance-BN group had. It will then be win-win situation for all the electorates and the political parties of the future.

Can a two party system become a reality in Malaysia? Why must it be a two-party system? Can't a single party system work? 
The two party system in America works because it is stable
Look at our neigbour, Singapore! There is only a single party that dominates power and yet justice prevailed. All is fair in love, war and election over there although we often hear grouses from individuals and from the opposition parties once in a while, but those are rare cases.

Over here, we hear complaints and grouses every day. 

Billions in Malaysian ringgit are lost every year through illegal transactions to offshore banks and all these money supposedly belongs to the people, it was revealed a week ago. Up till now no government officials bother to explain who transferred them, to where, how or why?

Over here millions are paid to build roads and buildings without proper documents and specifications and the contracts are awarded to crony companies through direct negotiations, even when the rule says it should go through open tenders. All these with the excuse that the development in this country must advanced in a faster pace so that by the year 2020 we can be recognised as a developed nation (whatever that means?). 

No need to provide proof to make people believe the story. It is an open secret, everybody knows it happened and is happening in front of everybody in broad daylight. The doers are also not hiding the fact that they are part of the misdeed.

In Singapore there are vast developments too and their people are more advanced in their thinking. But there is also very little corruption. Their MPs and Ministers are the best of the best in comparison. All the institutions are very competent and there is meritocracy. People with the best qualification get jobs or places in universities, without taking any consideration to their ethnic background or political affiliation.

As the Malaysian Maverick, Dr Mahathir Mohamed once said quoting a comedian, there are so many rules and don'ts over there until Singapore was once called a 'fine country' where everybody gets fined for doing silly little things like throwing rubbish around. 

But what we have here is at the other extreme. We throw rubbish around, we do silly things, we break the law. But if we belong to a special group or the privileged few, or we have cables laid here and there, we can get away scott free. Only those without any cables pay the fine

Yes, we do have A LITTLE more freedom here, but at the expanse of others, and what else do we have? I am not proud of all these so called 'freedom' unless it is fairly applied and distributed.

Dear people,
Come next GE we should think hard and not let our country slip away and be sold to the dogs, even though the dogs that we have are the sons of our founding fathers.

Please God help save Malaysia.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge - the pornstar has spoken

An old saying claims that "ignorance is bliss." 

It means when someone is unaware of the negatives in his life, he will supposedly continue along happily in his routine.

John Dewey
John Dewey, the American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform once said: Genuine ignorance is... profitable because it is likely to be accompanied by humility, curiosity, and open mindedness; whereas ability to repeat catch-phrases, cant terms, familiar propositions, gives the conceit of learning and coats the mind with varnish waterproof to new ideas.

I guess there is such a thing as a genuine or decent ignorance -- where a person is a fool, but then his ignorance about the world helps him seek the truth and by being humble, curious and open minded. 

But there is also such a thing as an arrogant fool - a person who is ignorant about his stupidity, and doesn't do a thing to rectify things even after being advised

A similar Malay saying is Bodoh Sombong or Jahil Muraqab, meaning doubly stupid -- a person who is a fool but doesn't know it, and plays along with his ignorance.

Another one is the Malay folklore based on the character Pak Pandir - who is "bodoh" but doesn't know he is "bodoh" and plays along with it. But in most of Pak Pandir's story, the character is a happy go-lucky man, who lives well within his stupidity.

But far from the objective reality, the saying is just a perception created by dreamers (who also happen to be writers). Ignorance does not result in bliss, but rather the person having an overweening or a big-headed arrogance with his ignorance.

More so arrogant when the person is on cloud nine after being admired (by his supporters) with his ignorance.

Some writers also associate ignorance and arrogance with success.
Mark Twain
With ignorance and arrogance, success is assured - Mark Twain.

It basically means that if you don't know what you are doing, but act like you do, then you will succeed.

I couldn't find a similar Malay proverb or saying on this one, but when I do I will update this posting.

But what do you say to an incident when some political leaders plead ignorance about other people's religious sensitivity by arguing that they do not practice the religion (Islam, in this case)?

pic taken from Zulhisham Tokasid's FB status without his permission
MCA President, Dr Chua Soi Lek was quoted saying “So what is so great about that? That is your religious value which I don’t know. How am I to know about the religious values when I’m not practicing that religion?”

He further argued that “…I have a right to say that it is basic manners to shake hands with people. That’s my values... understand? You must also value my value, which is good manners, which include shaking hands.”

This statement “That's my values... understand? You must also value my value, which is good manners.... to shake hands....” is utter ignorant and arrogance in the true sense of the words.

It smacks of unbridled condescension where he expects other Muslims to accept and adopt his moral values, despite his own lack of understanding and interest in the values of other communities.

UMNO Deputy President, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had to openly chastise Dr Chua to respect the choices of an individual, specifically with regard to the issue of Muslim women “shaking hands” or shaking hands with men wearing gloves as was portrayed in this episode by Cikgu Normala Sudirman, the PAS Tenang by-election candidate.

Muhyiddin and the Pakatan Rakyat parties have also pointed out, that there are many other issues of importance to discuss in an election, than about whether a Muslim woman should shake men’s hands.

I think in the next political episode Dr Chua will be issuing another statement if he is caught sleeping with another woman: "You must value my values, because to me having sex with other women who is not my wife is my value", -- for the man who-was-caught-with-his-pants-down-while-shagging-the-flowergirl-without-wearing-a-glove has now spoken.

Elbert Hubbard
Chua and his merry men must have misunderstood the meaning and savored the recipe of perpetual ignorance through the advise of Elbert Hubbard (American editor, publisher and writer, 1856-1915) who once said:The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.

His party-men and women, the members of MCA must also abide to these values. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

To Shake or Not to Shake?

Normala Sudirman
Aiyoo....these few days I see everybody talking and arguing about whether or not to shake hands with the other gender. If you want to shake just shake lah, don't want don't shake.

Now just because this Muslimah prefers not to shake hands with another male or wear a glove when shaking hands, some jokers want to kick a storm. Is it just because she is a political candidate?

Please don't make a mountain out of a molehill. It's only about this person's believe and faith and she wants to practice her religion and culture, why must some bigot take advantage of it? Why do you want to SHAKE the whole wide world (www) with your political rhetoric?!

Look at this picture of Queen E wearing gloves and shaking hands with the Pope, why can't we be tolerant like them? People in England or elsewhere around the world would never go to town over trivial matters like this.

Yes it's about the shaking hands issue (non-issue rather) of Normala Sudirman, the PAS candidate for the Tenang by-election slated for 30 January 2011.

In the latest news from Malaysiakini, The MCA machinery is going all out to win Tenang for BN by whacking PAS' Islamic state agenda and its candidate Normala Sudirman, by focusing on her wearing gloves when shaking hands with male voters.

Here, have a load of these news and write-ups on the supposedly non-issue being blown-up to mass proportions:

The Malaysian Insider (gathering 157 comments) - Normala defends refusal to shake hands with men

theStar - Normala cites her faith for not shaking hands with men

Buletin Online - Shake Hand in Glove - Cikgu Mala Slammed 

Malaysia Chronicle (178 comments) -

Chua slams Normala, Azizah for wearing gloves when shaking hands

Malaysia Chronicle (20 comments) - All eyes on Normala's hands, but why is Jamil silent on Chua

Malaysiakini (66 comments) - Yen Yen pours 'sweet honey' over Tenang

MStar - Isu Salam Bukan Muhrim: Bukan Islam Faham - Normala

Shannon Teoh (16 comments)  - Cikgu Mala, why not shake hands and come out fighting?

Penghuni Gua (18 comments) - PRK TENANG : BETUL KE TAK BOLEH SALAM NORMALA ???? !!!!!

Malaysiakini (Malay Edition) - Isu salam: Calon kata MCA tak faham adab Islam

The English Cottage (6 comments) - I don't like shaking hands either!

Mustafa K Anuar's blog (1 comment) - I wanna hold your hand!

Volume of Interactions - A vote of character

Dzulkefly Ahmad (13 comments) - To shake or not to shake hands … is that the question?


Sakmongkol AK47 (33 comments) - BN can win in Tenang.

Outsyedthebox - Haiyya! Shake Hands Oso Cannot !

....And the winner for the best articulated content goes to:
ARTiculations (10 comments) - Hairy Chua and the Glove of Gutter Politics


Friday, January 21, 2011

World champion in losing money -- Malaysia is at number 5

Jibby had a hole in his pants pocket once. He didn’t realize it right away, but he just knew he was losing cash.

When he knew about the hole in his pants, he didn't make any effort to try patch it because he thought he was only losing a small sum of money.

Until one day he realised, he was losing to the amount of billions. And people did try to warn him about the losses, but he wouldn't listen.

Anyway, he tried to pacify himself by telling his conscience that it was not his money alone, it belongs to his people and his comrades.

Alaa...sikit jer...berapa billion jer...! biasalah hilang satu billion..setahun!

Anyway, it seems unlikely we’ll be able to make Jibby change his mind of the disappearing cash, because however hard we try, he would not listen.

Well, it's okay if the cash belongs to him and his wife, Bik Mama alone. But most of the time, the money belongs to us, the Marhaens.

According to Global Financial Integrity, a US research agency, Malaysia was placed 5th in the top 10 countries worldwide for money lost through illicit capital outflow.

The Malaysiakini report: Malaysia is world's No 5 in illicit outflows

Oooh, it sounds cool, ain’t it? Malaysia belonging in the top 5 countries in the world to be good at something!

Afraid not. It's the other way around -- Malaysia belonging in the top 5 countries in the world to be bad at something!

Illicit capital outflow means cash lost through bribery, theft, kickbacks, tax evasion, trade mispricing… that kind of not-so-cool transaction. 
According to GFI, developing countries lost roughly $6.5 trillion in illicit financial outflows between 2000 and 2008.

Illicit capital flows involve money that is illegally earned or utilized “and covers all unrecorded private financial outflows that drive the accumulation of foreign assets by residents in contravention of applicable capital controls and regulatory frameworks,” says the gulf newspaper, Emirates 24-7.

Asia accounted for 44.4 percent of total illicit flows from the developing world followed by Middle East and North Africa (17.9 percent), developing Europe (17.8 percent), Western Hemisphere (15.4 percent), and Africa (4.5 percent). GFI said, money which 'flew' out of Malaysia have more than tripled from 2000 to 2008.

The outflow from Malaysia in 2000 was RM67.7 billion (US$22.2 billion). Eight years later, this has ballooned to RM208 billion ($68.2 billion).

The report warned that the sharp increase of capital flight in Malaysia is “at a scale seen in few Asian countries”.

Actually this story reminds me to the proverb “a fool and his money are soon parted." 

It won’t take much time for the country to go broke (because of Jibby), as this fool and this money belonging to the country will soon be parted.


Here’s the top 10 in full so you can see for yourself, along with how much every country lost in the period:
1. China $2.18 trillion
2. Russia $427 billion
3. Mexico $416 billon
4. Saudi Arabia $302 billion
5. Malaysia $291 billion
6. United Arab Emirates $276 billion
7. Kuwait $242 billion
8. Venezuela $157 billion
9. Qatar $138 billion
10. Nigeria $130 billion

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Malaysian pilots - there's always a place to fly

About a month ago the news report at CBC News said the aviation industry may face a shortage of pilots.

Looming pilot shortage feared

The U.S. maker of commercial jetliners, Boeing projected that there will be an estimated 30,000 more planes in the sky worldwide and that 466,650 pilots will be needed to fly them.

The shortage is already happening in some countries and there are dozens of pilot positions advertised in Asia, including China, Korea and Vietnam, and in the Middle East.

In Canada and the United States alone, where baby boomer pilots are ready to retire — 97,350 new pilots will be required to replace these veteran pilots.
Continue reading here

In Malaysia on the other hand, graduate pilots or future pilots are said to be 'Flying Nowhere', as the frontpage headlines of the printed version of theStar today screamed.

The printed version of the paper had also exclusively made a full-page report (page N10) on the matter.

The online news however carried a different headline although singing the same tune:

Graduate pilots hit hard by job shortage

Nonetheless, both the online and the printed version carried another related story with a catchy headline: Flying dreams a pie in the sky, which also bore a subheading: 500 still unable to take off after graduation.

The news report said that most of these pilots, who graduated from the eight flying schools in the country, have been without a job for between one and two years.

So, what's the catch?  

Roei Ganzarski
In Canada, they say there's not enough pilots worldwide, and here there's not enough jobs!
Roei Ganzarski (pic above), the US chief customer officer for Boeing Training and Flight Services said, "What we don't want is for organizations to feel the need to fill that demand — to fill that shortage — by putting in maybe less competent, less proficient pilots,"
Datuk Tony Fernandes exchanging documents with Jeff Roberts
Jeff Roberts (pic above), group president of civil simulation products, training and services at CAE Inc. said, "It has been difficult to recruit young people to become pilots. It takes up to five years to acquire the skills to fly commercially and many years after that before pilots can fly in the big leagues."
Malaysia Airlines operations director, Capt Azharuddin Osman (pic left) said, “There must be controls and proper tests in place to ensure those taking pilot courses meet the stringent standards required by airlines. With the right qualifications, their chances of being employed by an airline would be better,”
“On average, MAS recruited 100 cadets into its full scholarship cadet programme every year. For every 16 that apply, only one gets in. Pilots had to clock in at least 4,000 hours to captain a narrow body aircraft like a Boeing 737, which could take between eight to 10 years before progressing to a widebody aircraft,” he said.
Malaysian Flying Academy Sdn Bhd’s Lt Col (Rtd) Frank Chong Keng Lay acknowledged there was an oversupply of fresh graduate pilots, but said the situation would improve. “Demand for pilots come in a cycle. For example, there was a shortage in 1995 as the enrolment was low. Recently, the intake is higher but the demand from airlines has not been growing at the same pace.”

Many of the graduated pilots agreed that: Sometimes, it’s a long wait in the wings

Mohd Zakaria, a recent graduate said his batch of 24 students enrolled in 2008 but only one got a job. He said finding a job also has to do with the timing of the intake. “If you graduate and just missed the job intake, you would probably have to wait a year or so before the next window opens.”

Continue reading the plight of these jobless pilot graduates here.

My take: The problem I see here has nothing to do with whether there's no job opening as a pilot, or if there's a long wait to get a job, or there's too many graduates in the same field. It has to do with the quantity of the those who qualified as a trainee and the quality of those who graduated, or both.

What do you expect when there are eight flying schools churning out between 300-400 (sometimes more) pilots a year, but all the country needs is just about 200 pilots annually?

If the quality of those 500 graduate pilots are not questionable, then for heaven's sake go find a job elsewhere. Or go get a better qualification by attending a bigger and better training school.

If you really know how to fly, spread your wings. Go find jobs at all four corners of the world -- the probability can be endless, and as the saying goes, the sky is the limit.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Woohoo..! I am selling my votes for the next general election...anyone interested?

A Facebook friend, Sazali Awang wrote this on his Facebook wall: 


Jaga2, Pengadil nak ubah tiang GOL utk Kejohanan Euro 13 akan dtg ni !!!


and below the status is a link to a Malaysian Insider news:


EC mulls proxy voting in election law changes - The Election Commission (EC) is studying the possibility of implementing a proxy voting system that would empower individuals to cast ballots on behalf of other registered voters.


It (the FB status) was actually a veiled but mild sarcasm on the Election Commission's plan to amend the election laws so that a proxy can be elected by a voter to cast the vote on his/her behalf.

For a seasoned voter (since 1984) I find this suggestion very disturbing and disgusting, to say the least.

The EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said the proposed amendments, would likely be presented to the Cabinet next month and, once approved, should be implemented in time for the 13th general election.

He gave an example that in Toronto, Canada, where the proxy voting system is being implemented, allows voters to surrender their votes to others living in the same constituency. However, the proxy voter is prohibited from voting on behalf of more than two registered voters, and an application for the privilege must be made a day before polling.


After reading the report, without anticipating I responded my friend with a sarcastic note: next election saya malas nak pi 'buang undi'. Kalau ada wakil pembangkang nak jadi proxy, saya nak offer dia 'buang undi' untuk saya jika dia sanggup bayar RM1000. Kalau BN pulak nak charge berapa haa...?


I think he got angry about my statement or was afraid that the response could fire up other inflammatory responses, and deleted it.


My point is, this exercise is a total sham and would unnecessary expose the voting process into a 'market place of vote buying and selling'. How can the EC or the authorities control voters if they decide to 'sell' their vote for a price and how can anybody stop the person or party who is competing in the election from 'buying' these votes in the pretext of helping to vote for the voter?


Simply ridiculous!


The report gathered 80 comments as of publish time. I am reproducing them (without permission) here so that you don't have to click anywhere else to read them : 

What a joke! In Malaysia it can lead to massive fraud. lets not compare our 'democracy' with that in canada. First EC must earn its respect and show that it is independent, the rest after that

Malaysian · 18 hours ago
Malaysia is becoming a sham democracy...

How easy is it to 'create' votes...The man of the family can now officially vote on behalf of his aged father and mother who can't travel to the polling centre to vote, and then for his wife because she purportedly needs to take care of the children, and also on behalf of his recently turned 21 daughter and son because they are not immature enough and don't know the voting process...

What a mockery of our constitutional rights...

EXECUTIVE % · 15 hours ago

Jaq · 17 hours ago
If this proposal ever made to the Election system, rest assured it will always be manipulated for the existing government to remain in power.

I would propose the Election Commission to tie-in with NRD and use thumb print to register & vote. If implemented correctly, fraud will be almost non-existance, eliminating human error. Those living abroad, can vote by visiting the respective Malaysian Embassy.

This system can easily be set-up, using existing NRD database and existing IT infrastructure. It will also drive IT penetration nationwide.

SUPREMO X · 17 hours ago
EVEN WITHOUT the electon law changes, EC is already too famous for its "phantom" and untraceable voters..Without proxy votings, the EC is already facing the "enormous"task of solving voting irregularities.,, SO WHAT IS YOUR REAL AGENDA OF AMENDMENTS FOR PROXY VOTINGS AFTER 53 YEARS ?? UMNO SURELY DON'T NEED PROXY VOTES TO WIN ??

I have a feeling that if EC goes through with this, it's just IT. Malaysians will come out of their houses. Bersih 2 will make Bersih 1 seem small in comparison.

Have Corruption · 20 hours ago
This will definitely help those with deep pocket. I will sell my vote for $1000. Any buyers?

jasper · 20 hours ago
After this is implemented, we will see BN total votes doubling or tripling in the next general election. And it would not surprise if one day we get bar from voting cause someone else had already help us cast our vote for BN.
0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago

Jason · 20 hours ago
They can't even do postal votes transparently, and cannot explain about phantom voters. Can they expect to do proxying right?

No one would be surprised if theyl find that someone has cast a vote in their names and that vote went to BN.

Dr. Pang HC · 19 hours ago
UMNO mau main tipu lagi...

Umno already know they cannot win in the coming GE13 to rule the Federal Govt, so they have to resort to a possible fraud voting system. Umno know only Umno party is able to win some seats while the other components like Mic, Mca and Gerakan are totally without any single seat. They already foresee there is no more hope of Umno able to defeat the Pakatan Rakyat in the coming GE13.
anonymous · 19 hours ago
Another desperate attempt by a desperate regime to cling to power at all cost.

Law · 19 hours ago
EC might as well declare Umno a winner without having a proper election and said "they have been told by the public they want umno to continue to be in power ! Why put on all this farce ??!!

Can't even do simple basic stuff properly and impartially want to talk about proxy votes. pls lah, don't treat us like idiots, b'cos we are not.

If the EC can declare Umno the winner, then, Perkasa will seconded the motion and then, that abdul aziz will implement this better voting system rather than thinking about the proxy system.

UMNO knows they wont win so, tipu is the only way to live in luxury while the rakyat continue to suffer.
Now the dead can easily vote thru the cronies of UMNO.

cal · 19 hours ago
proxy voting... how about automatic voters registration and postal voting for all those living and working in overseas? UMNO, you're full of tricks, better than the devil.

1PR Malaysian · 19 hours ago
Proxy voting if implemented in Malaysia will result in anarchy. If you want proxy voting, first put a legislation in for automatic voters for those above 18 and above. Even this is difficult to implement, you have the arrogance to say that proxy voting is difficult. BTW, the Election commission is not a referee. The referee is the people. You follow what we tell you by the goverment we elected. In a transparent goverment, we expect you to propose to us what your plan to amend and not hide behind and scheme how to win the elections forever. If the BN goverment wants to play fraudulent, you are no better then some regime in North Korea. Stop the abuse of power and stop fooling us. We are sick and tired of this game.

EC under direction of umno bn getting ready for massive cheating. hope such amendments will not be passed. mp please your duty

Finally, real reason for suspending Anwar and PR's MP is out!
0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago

Wow... when this is implemented the massive number of proxy voters would be more than actual voters going there!

So easy to fraud this time. No need to bus loads of hantu voters.

One man can have proxies from a thousand voters ... and if passed it is the law.

ten men can win the entire election.

They are going to steal the election just watch.

Get Real · 19 hours ago
This is just incredible. What would they think of next? Already we have disqualification/rejection on nomination day, infamous power failure during the counting process, restriction in print and electronic campaigning, boundary lines drawn to their advantage and now this.

There is no end in cheating and no shame in doing it too.

Wake up · 19 hours ago
Looks like BN is looking at ways to win election. Voting is so confidential and allowing proxy sounds more like a joke to the system. Is EC not having enough work that it can think of proxy which is the only kind in the world. More hantu will be voting and the dead will also be voting.

That EC abdul aziz must be one umno proxy from the behaviour of him.

KopiO · 19 hours ago
It's time for Bersih 2 Rally again...

I'm in! If EC goes through with this Malaysians will come out of their houses.

It will be 5-10 times bigger than Bersih 1.

This will upset everyone.

Bolehland · 19 hours ago
Another UMNO dirty tactic to cheat in the General Election after failing to command 2/3 majority in the last (2008} General Election. Very glaring indeed!

If Umno never cheat all these 50 over years, how do they ever win.

nice.. now we can vote for our aunt, uncle, parents, pakcik makcik...

so now umno-bn only have to BRIDE one person ... so "clever" !

illuminati · 19 hours ago
In Canada and elsewhere, they don't play hanky panky but in Malaysia proxy voting will definitely be abused to high heaven. Already postal votes have been much abused, all to the advantage of the BN and now proxy votes will add to this advantage for BN.

Tricky fellas, these BN jokers. They are so shameless, trying all kinds of tricks to make sure the Opposition gets no chance to see fair play. This is outrageous.

FFT · 19 hours ago
Aha... another EC dirty trick in the making. Many registered voters will find their names missing from the roll and those who are overseas will become proxy BN voters for sure. Stop the charade please, EC. You are getting dangerous to our democratic system of selecting the government. I hope the opposition will not be cowed over this or they are going to lose millions of votes by fraudulent means.

Fair and square · 19 hours ago
BN so desperate to win by two third majority that they have to come up with this scheme. EC also a joke playing with this same game and calling themselves professional....

According to Democracy Index 2010, Malaysia fall under the category "Flawed democracy", behind Thailand and Indonesia.

No wonder lah!
Johnhardick · 19 hours ago
I do not know how worse it can get. Citizens must make a call for the EC chairman to immediately step down for even entertaining this sham thought.

It is no longer an election, it is desperation. Democracy going to the dogs.
casey · 18 hours ago
The only way BN can retain control ... widespread legalised cheating.

bbc · 18 hours ago
oh my oh my. another desperate measure by UMNO. You expect major abuses and EC will turn their backs. Afterall, EC has made it clear. Ultimate objective of EC is to ensure UMNO perpetuates its stranglehold on power: no matter how corrupt UMNO is and will be.
How can one verify the authenticity of the proxy when it is given one day before the polls, EC? What about thousands of Msians who are even given the power to vote, EC? Isnt that more important that every msian is given the right to determine the destiny of this country? Your partisanship is clear as daylight.
And why the rush for GE 13? Because news on the ground is that even the rats are deserting UMNO?

This is the greatest con job in Malaysia history...

Tiga Suku · 18 hours ago
Another project by Barang Naik party to have a stranglehold on malaysian politics for the next 53 years. With the opposition politicians suspended, these changes will go through easily. We the Rakyat are forever scroooood.

PM Moey · 18 hours ago
Another way for UMNO-BN to buy votes or to use phantom voters. If EC is sincere, it should first look at allowing overseas-based Malaysians to vote .

bbc · 18 hours ago
If you PR allows this maasive fraud sitting down, you deserve to be kicked out. Get your supporters for the mother of protest against EC, the UMNO appendage for fraud and unfair election.

ashok · 18 hours ago
another desperate attempt of UMNO - finding ways to beat the system so that they could cling on to the national power. In canada the people have something that we don't have. they would not sell their pride and they are generally honorable. IN Asia as someone said that he likes to sell his proxy votes. The first party to buy is Barisan
rusdi · 18 hours ago
This is outrageous...biggest con job in plan

niama · 18 hours ago
Shameless EC chairman A Z what the hell r u trying to do????????Why dun u just open declare BN win all the seatsin Parliment & state.....Even you go ahead to u that we rakyat also can't do anything...Why waste time to do admendments????????

ceekay · 18 hours ago
The election system in Malaysia is similar to the bull fight in Spain.Where the bull is the opposition, the EC is the the panel setting the rules, BN the matador and the public is rakyat. The panel (EC) sets the rule ie give a few spears on the bull (opposition) so that the bull dont have a chance to win. Then in the name of fairness send the bull out (Election) where the matador (BN) after using all their resources to (buy votes,full of goodies to the voters and promises for developments) looks so good. In front of the public (raiyat) the bull is defeated, death. Thats what you so call election in Malaysia, the bolehland!

dont fall for it. · 18 hours ago
This is no good. Proxy voting allows BN to play dirty. They will force the surrender of ICs of people and then voite on their behalf. This cannot be allowed.

But, the Umno think this is the only best way for them to play dirty or else how are they going to win in the GE13.

Pete · 18 hours ago
Gerrymandering did not achieve the desired outcome. Now the EC wants to implement
a proxy voting system.

leeterrytc · 18 hours ago
You should be crazy or NUTS, the election is about our future and also our children future, you think this is company's board director election or assocuation election.

Boomereng · 18 hours ago
Najib wants to win extra big, this must be the way

leeterrytc · 18 hours ago
By the time the proxy will be paid RM5,000.......................

sbhn · 18 hours ago
Their PHANTOM VOTER plan tak menjadi lagi...Now they want to implement PROXY VOTER! Its legal and easier to implement.

DavidHwang · 17 hours ago
One day, voters don't even have to vote. EC staff will vote for you as proxy. Save time, save mone, save campaining. Only BN can win in Malaysia

Hang the EC for suggesting such a criminal rigging of elections by having someone else vote for another. When will continuous evil end in this nation?

dan toh · 17 hours ago
This is a bloody major con job in the making against the rakyat!

If no bloody con job, how do the Umno expect to win in the next general election. The Umno know they can never win in the coming GE13, only the Umno vs the Pakatan Rakyat, where majority of Umno candidates will be badly beaten by the Pakatan Rakyat candidates even in their strongholds in Johore and Pahang.

jay · 16 hours ago
"undi adalah rahsia"...what happen to this slogan....?

ceekay · 16 hours ago
If that be the case (proxy voters). MAKE SURE ALL VOTERS COME BACK AND VOTE. Cos its for the future of our future generations.To scarify one day for our future generations is worth all the while. ALL VOTERS MAKE SURE THERE BE NO PROXY VOTE IN THE 13GE.

damn cheats · 16 hours ago
This is the path to massive election gerrymandering by BN. This cannot be allow to happen.

Overseas-based Msian · 16 hours ago
Please lah EC Chairman, if u want to amend the election laws, do so with suggestions which are ABSOLUTELY FAIR and SENSIBLE e.g. giving ALL overseas-based Malaysians the choice to be postal voters. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR to all but you and your BN backers that the proposed Proxy Vote amendment is nothing but another shameless attempt by BN to hang on to power "at all costs". Where is your "Harga Diri" encik?

his harga diri ? ermm.. i guess it cost around RM20K only.. cheap stuff..

ASGPathy · 16 hours ago
What garbage!

Azli Othman · 16 hours ago
Another scheme to ensure UMNO wins the next election! They can't even do a proper job right now and they want to make it easier for more election fraud.

Faisal Hamdi · 15 hours ago
A vote is a secret matter. Proxies will lead to frauds. As it is the postal votes are bad enough. Does the EC Chairman put on his thinking cap before opening his big mouth and put both his feet in? The trouble with our administrators and politicians is that:-

Cakap dahulu, plan tidak ada
Bila dilancar jadi huru-hara
Ditarik balik dan disemak semula
Apa bolih buat ini perkara biasa
Tiap-tiap tahun begitulah caranya
Sebab ini telah menjadi satu culture.

Law · 14 hours ago
I like your pantun ! Good one !

Faisal Hamdi · 13 hours ago
Thanks Mr Law. Regards.

Warrior · 15 hours ago
May Allah punish this son of a bitch for coming up with this idea to allow more election fraud.

EC abdul aziz what do you mean by one man one vote. Have you step out of line in carrying out your duty. What is the vote that is considered 'secret'. Something must be wrong with you to go for proxy vote.

Have Corruption · 14 hours ago
How much do u think BN is willing to buy my vote?

fairuz · 14 hours ago
13th general election : RM400, by election:RM1000
EC BN'sCrony · 14 hours ago
EC Please don't fool Malaysians by bending rules to help your political master UMNO & BN !!!! Remember one day when PR come to power all of EC corrupt offiers will be held accountable for their corrupt action !!!

Those voters who took BN's money but voted for oppositions during the last election can't do it during the coming General Election. They make sure every ringgit spend will bear positive result.

4RAKYAT · 14 hours ago
u all here just tok kok and make what u think are funny jokes.

i) hv u urself registered as a voter?
ii) hv u urged anyone else to register as voters? if u register in jan2011, your name will only be in the electoral roll by july 2011 --- that's 6 month away. u do the math. feb = aug2011, march = sept2011. if umno calls for ge13 any earlier, there is not much time left.

pls lah, where's the fiery momentum of march08?? hv u all gotten too comfortable?

pathetic. u all.

Raja · 13 hours ago
More than a decade ago, when Algeria was in civil conflict between extremists and the government of the day, one of the demands of the extremists was a similar form of proxy voting - whereby only menfolk could be physically present to vote for themselves and on behalf of the adult womenfolk in their family! The reason given was that women would not be able to make sensible choices! I didn't follow developments to their conclusion but I believe the proposal was not amongst those agreed for the restoration of civil order.

BigSpenders · 13 hours ago
BN sore losers!
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yan · 13 hours ago
That's great. Please include those who are in oversea and cannot come back to vote.
0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago

Fabio1 · 13 hours ago
Guy BN and the current GOV is treating the Malaysians like fool its time to rise and protest and bring in the peoples voice

AsamKerepot · 13 hours ago
what a load of bollocks!

Disgusted · 12 hours ago
This is just another vote stealing mechanism by those in power. People, please protest with your MP to block this amendment. Only one vote for one person.

ShameOn1Msia · 3 hours ago
1 person can now vote for 1 million
Bolehland’s Proxy Voting = Msians’ signing off their democratic rights to vote.

1)You want to report police………….sign off your voting right
2)You want a job with gov…………... sign off your voting right
3)You are illiterate ………………….. sign off your voting right
4)You want a gov contract…………… sign off your voting right
5)You don’t want a fine………………. sign off your voting right
6)You want gov fundings assistance…………….. sign off your voting right
7)You want renew license………………….. sign off your voting right
8)You are rural Malaysians…………… sign off your voting right
9)You are OKUs…………………………. sign off your voting right

This looks like the new way to blackmail Malaysians

Deal with the devil or be FORCED to……

Mike 114p · 3 hours ago
These amendments MUST be rejected out of hand. We already have massive election frauds, including army officers filling out ballot forms on behalf of their men en masse. Postal votes are also totally discredited. This proves that UMNO/BN are sure that unless they cheat, there is no hope of them holding on to Putrajaya. This must be stopped!

WindsofChange · 2 hours ago
This is the EC (easy) way to legalise the phantom voters. Again, Only di Malaysia ini boleh!

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