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Oh...I'DA World Group Sdn Bhd...what a joke!

After the dust has settled for many SOPO hater-bang-buster-type Facebookers regarding the RM4 billion donation to Kelantan PAS, I am beginning to pick up the pieces what the fuss is all about.

Yesterday I found out that Kelantan MB Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat has blacklisted the company which has purportedly donated the huge amount of money to Kelantan PAS.


Now why wouldn't the Kelantan PAS government accept a 'sincere' donation from a very 'rich' organization (and accept the company into its fold) so that the money can be used for the state development. The Kelantan government after all is not rich.

Nik Aziz says it has to do with abiding with principles and is now in the process of blacklisting the company. The Harakahdaily daily yesterday reported that: Kerajaan Kelantan akan menyenaraihitamkan sebuah syarikat yang didakwa mempunyai niat tertentu terhadap negeri itu berikutan pengumuman sumbangan RM4 bilion kepada PAS Kelantan.

The report : Cek RM4 bilion: Kelantan senarai hitam l’DA World


Datuk Nik Aziz said the company I’DA World Group Sdn Bhd (l’DA World) does not have any project in the state nor does the it has any dealings with the Kelantan government.


PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar said the mock RM4 billion cheque presentation to Kelantan PAS and the RM1.4 trillion Economic Transformation Programme announced by minister in the Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala have one thing in common: both are folktales.


The report : Both are folktales -.RM4 bil donation and RM1.4 trillion ETP


Meanwhile in response to the PAS government's bid to blacklist the company, mStar online today reported that I’DA World Group Sdn Bhd (l’DA World) decided to abandon the project: I'Da World Batal Cadangan Projek RM313b Di Kelantan


I'da World, incorporated in 2007 with a paid-up capital of RM1 million, was involved in many projects overseas. Locally, it was involved in several private initiatives including the construction of the new East-West link and development of new towns at the highway.


Its Managing Chairman, Abdul Rahim Abdul Wahab said the company were forced to abandon the project because the Kelantan government has blacklisted the company.


He said, 'Kita tarik diri. Minta maaflah. Mereka kata tidak mahu, apa lagi kita boleh buat,' when met by the media at his office in Kelana Jaya, in a report by Malaysiakini on Thursday.

I'Da World batal niat laksana projek RM313b di K'tan






You don't have money to donate, and yet you go around town, blowing your horns, call the media and hold a function in expensive hotels telling people I WANT TO DONATE RM4 BILLION! NST report: RM4b 'gift' raises eyebrows


Are the Kelantan government and the people that gullible you think you can bribe them with a mock check handed out in expensive hotels? 


But do you think the company is trying to bribe the Kelantan government?


First I thought this guy is smart because even the MACC can't prosecute him and his company or the Kelantan government because all he handed was just a mock check. You can't bribe people without any real money. And you can't use a mock check as evidence in court.

But this kind of con-job is useless as it would eventually fail because in the end people would have figured out your MO and use it against you as what happened in this episode ~ the whole operation backfired against the company. 


BTW, what do call a JOKER who fantasize about things that are not within his/her reach and then boast around telling people he/she can donate this and that?

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Will DP Vijandran head defence team of Sosilawati murder accussed?

Do you know who will head the defence team of the two brothers accused as the mastermind in the brutal killing of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others?

It could be none other than the infamous D P Vijandran (pic above) or better known as DPV (once dubbed by DAP leader Lim Kit Siang as the Director of Pornographic Video).

The other two lawyers are Ravi Nekoo and Pushpa Ratnam.

The infamous incident involved the former (DP Vijandran) being accused of videotaping himself having sex with many women in 1989 (11 tapes altogether). He was then a member of Parliament and a Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker.

It was also alleged that the government has whitewashed the DPV scandal by destroying all the evidence (the tapes) during the course of investigation. In the final episode Attorney-General Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman ordered the police to destroy 11 video tapes and four envelopes containing photographs and negatives belonging to Mr. Vijandran - and with Mr. Vijandran's consent. 

Mr Vijandran was acquitted of all the accusation resulting from the scandal but he resigned amid all the claims and accusations. In 1994, he was convicted on a perjury charge relating to the tapes, and was jailed and fined. He lost his appeal in the High Court, but the Court of Appeal ruled in his favour in 1998. His political career did not recover.

Read about the DPV scandal here and the WHITEWASH OVER BLUE TAPES?

Read also the Malay version in Wikipedia here

So, does anybody smell rats here?

Well I do. It takes a thief to catch a thief. Does it not take a conman to help other con-men?

Earlier today the Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail has demanded that the police conduct further investigations into the murder of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others before the his office takes any action.

The MalaysianInsider story here

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang said yesterday that he intends to rake Hishammuddin over the coals for the way the police are probing the gruesome murders.

So what does this tell us about the thoroughness and efficiency (or lack thereof) of police investigations in this matter?

Reality check: Why am I a blogger?

I found this entry in Fared Isa's blog:

Why U Need To Be A Blogger ?


and decided to post the whole list and see if any of them is/was the reason why I started blogging. I already put a comment in his blog to reproduce this list. I hope Fared grants his permission for this.

10 reasons why u need to be a blogger ;
-          U can express what’s in ur mind to the whole world to know. U can simply writing something about anything and posting it on the web. It gives me tremendous pleasure when my thoughts and ideas are of some inspiration to my audience – both budding bloggers and others.
Yes that's me

-          Research showed that people who do blogging are more critical in their thinking than those who do not. Critical thinking skills are necessary for us especially who are students to progress intellectually. The skills enable us to express ourselves, challenge ideas and justify standpoints. So in other words, people who do blogging is smarter than the one who not, well at least in a certain areas.
Yes that's me

-          The power of ur ideas and the ability to question the system can actually change many people’s lives. There are a number of bloggers who actually brings out issues like social injustice, crime, malign politicians and governments’ wrong doings.
I really hope it works

-          It’s easy, simple and need not cost money to get started so u won’t get burden. If u just get started to become a blogger, u can start off with a free platform such as Blogger (like what I’m using right now) or Wordpress. And trust me it’s not so hard to build or design ur blog page once u become a blogger. 

-          Great way to get ur writing talents noticed. U just put effort to write, and the rest the internet will do the work for u. U are basically able to reach an infinite audience and if u write good quality articles, more and more people are going to take notice. For an aspiring writer, this is the best place to start off.

-          Build ur connection with a wider people around the world. Blogging is not only about the engagement between the blogger and the readers anymore, it can also help u to build ur own network connection. This is good opportunities if u have business or something that have to do with the public. Grab this opportunity!

-          Blogging can help u to discipline urself. Example, after I have started blogging and deciding on how much time I have to spend online and on blogging, my time management has become better and I consider this as another great advantage of blogging. Beside, better spend ur time writing something in ur blog instead of Facebooking for 24hours!

-          Blogging might help u get a job. Some employers who are looking for employees who are creative and who can write might be impressed if u have a very well-written and well-designed blog. But it won’t really help u if u posting pictures of nude stars or rants against ur previous employers, and pictures of urself drunk.  ;D

-          Blogging might get you a book deal. Hard, but not impossible. While the possibility of this is small, it does happen, now and then. Like the movie Julie and Julia, it was based on a blog written by a woman who wrote about trying a different Julia Child recipe every night for a year.  The blogger was offered a book deal.  The book became a best seller and spawned the movie. Who knows one day it might be u or me, with our own title of book! 
Agree. You can also start to write a book base on the topics in your blog. The important thing is try to find a niche in the type of writing you want to explore ~ topics or genre you are comfortable with

-          Generate side income. Last but not the least, u can make money by blogging! I do not need to go into the details of this as blogging as a full time profession is a topic that has been widely covered all across the web. But u have to remember, don’t blog because of money if u just get started, blog because u want too and because u interested with it, and only then the money will come by itself if u become a great and consistent blogger. It can make a very healthy side income for those that write regularly with discipline.
Yes, I am trying to explore this, but be careful not to let the lure of making money tempt you to relegate your life principles and moral conscience, unless you have a good excuse for that.
There you go, another entry for a busy blogger like me ~ hehe... apa susah sangat, copy entry orang lain, boh komen sikit dah dapat satu entry. Kita ni bukannya celebrity blogger, so bukan ada sapa nak komplen. Thank you Bro Fared Isa.  
Some one hundred reasons why people blog? 

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The Long and Curvy Road in Norway

Photograph by Giorgio Ghezzi on Flickr
Not only can the curve on a woman's body be regarded as sexy. A curvy road on a bridge with a scenic background can be sexy and romantic as well.

Have a look at this curvy bridge-road which goes over a scenic sea-view in Norway.

The Atlantic Road, opened in 1989, zigzags across low bridges that jut out over the sea, linking the islands between Molde (famous for its annual jazz festival in July) and Kristiansund in the western fjords.

Chosen as “Norway’s construction of the century” in 2005, the 8.72-kilometre (5.4 miles) long road links together small coastal communities.

Read also the article on The official travel guide to Norway:

The Atlantic Road

~ Sharp turns and wild nature have put the Atlantic Road at the top of the British newspaper The Guardian's list of the world's best road trips. 

Ever wondered why Ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamed was hell-bent to build the curvy or “crooked" bridge across the Johore Straits linking Johor Bharu and Singapore when he was the Prime Minister?

Read how he tried to persuade current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to continue with his “crooked bridge” idea to replace the existing Causeway link to Singapore in 2009.

Dr M pushes crooked bridge to Singapore once again

even after Paklah rejected the idea when he was the Prime Minister (circa 2003-2008).

The controversial writer/journalist, Wong Choon Mei ended his write-up with a sarcastic note: Who knows the indefatigable Dr M may actually get his own way in the end – harebrained or not! But of course, the key question remains – does Malaysia need this sort of mega-project right now or would a simpler more down-to-earth solution be wiser?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We should have learnt from this episode a long time ago!

So all the stories about the Sultan of Kelantan being ambushed on May 4 2010 must be true as reported by Utusan Malaysia today (click on pic above to read details).

The incident which happened on May 4 and was earlier reported on May 5 has also been reported in the mainstream media. But the entire episode of the incident has so far been shortchanged from the public, either by both the mainstream media and the alternative.

Read the May 5 report from the mainstream media here and by clicking the Malay Mail screenshot on the right. Also read it from the blogs here and here

The video of the incident was also said to have been uploaded on YouTube.

The blogger Bujai who commented of the new outcome when the video emerged in YouTube in his blog Just Read is now in a lurch.

The group Majlis Setia Rakyat and its president, Datuk Azaha Abdul Rani has filed a police report against Bujai's posting on September 6: Explain before you go IGP! Not sure if the report is because of the later posting or the earlier one which has the YouTube video on it on July 22: The Police must answer this! or both.

According to Utusan (pic above) the Majlis Setia Rakyat said the report was made against the blog because it has humiliated the image of the Sultan (menjejaskan maruah Kesultanan Kelantan).

Not sure whether Utusan got it right or not because the last time Azaha reported to the police it was against the actions of the police as was reported in Berita Harian here:

Presiden Majlis Setia Rakyat (pic), Azaha Abdul Rani, berkata pihaknya dukacita dengan kejadian itu. Beliau berkata, siasatan perlu dilakukan terhadap pihak yang tidak menghormati dan menjaga maruah Raja Perempuan Kelantan.

“Perlakuan kasar itu boleh menjatuhkan maruah, martabat dan menghina darjat kesultanan Kelantan yang bertakhta dengan sah dan berdaulat memerintah negeri,” katanya.  

Whatever it is, this episode has made a mockery of not just the sanctity of the Malay Rulers but also the inefficiency of the mainstream media to have to rely on alternative news, video clips and commentaries before they would act or report on it.

Now, you know who or which party the onus is on. Maybe this is just a conspiracy to get the fella to shut up before he leaves.

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Children of Bodom and I don't give a flying fuck!

The Finnish heavy metal band Children of Bodom (pic right) was formed in 1993.

The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Alexi Laiho (vocals, lead guitar), Roope Latvala (rhythm guitar), Janne Wirman (keyboards), Henkka Seppälä (bass), and Jaska Raatikainen (drums).

In total they have released six studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, and one DVD. The band has also incorporated many different musical styles, leading critics and fans to label them as melodic death metal, black metal, thrash metal and progressive metal.

It is also a well known fact that Children of Bodom is one of the few metal bands that has set new highs with random profanity in their songs and cliches about how great alcohol, death and suicide are.

Are You Dead Yet? (pic left) is the band's fifth album. The album was released in Finland on September 14, 2005 and internationally on September 19, 2005 under the Century Media label.

In this album there are two noted songs ~ one entitled If You Want Peace, Prepare for War taken from the Latin adage Si vis pacem, para bellum. The other song In Your Face, which I believe where the infamous phrase ~ I don't give a flying fuck, motherfucker! ~ taken from and is now the accepted common mantra of today's rebellious youths. In this song you can find profanities used arbitrarily without giving any meaning to the whole song.

Click here to see the full lyrics of the song.

Actually most of Children of Bodom's song are filled with cursing, profanities and vulgar words. To some people it may seem quite okay to use profanity in music, but they have been using the 'F' word much too often it sounds as if all their life and business revolve around the profanities they use.

One online reader put it succinctly: It seems like Children of Bodom uses it as a crutch because they couldn't actually articulate what they were trying to say without it.

Another music reviewer wrote a commentary on the band's album, Blooddrunk: Alexi Laiho’s yippy-dog barks now appear even worse than before, mainly because the overblown production puts his awful screams in charge of this musical charade, but doing so also allows our unfortunate listeners to experience the comedic gold within those stupid lyrics. Songs like “LoBodomy” portray stapler-meets-forehead retardation at its absolute worst while emitting illogical profanities only an angry teenager could write...

This brings me to the gist of this entry: Using profanities to get your point or ideas or grudges or whatever through, as if without it people won't listen to you. In the end rather than getting your message across all you get is 'landing your ass in deep shit.'

One Facebook user by the name of Katy Lim Li Lian who likes to use profanities in her comments, is now getting herself in really deep shit with everybody including the authorities. You can read the wall posting in one Mohd Idlan's Photos - Panas Hati ku and also here.

While cursing the Muslim God Allah and associating Allah with humans who she says rape pigs, she also likes to use the phrase as was used in Children of Bodom's song lyrics I don't give a flying fuck!

Consequently for the past few days angry FB readers including social and political leaders have come to the front making clarion calls to the government authorities to take action against Katy Lim Li Lian or whoever that was behind the name.

Yesterday's Utusan Malaysia carried a front page heading with the title Lagi Hina Islam, Allah which include comments and condemns from angry NGO leaders with regards to Li Lian's Facebook posting. The Gerakan Pemuda Prihatin Putrajaya (Gempur) President, Mohd Hisamudin Yahya also made a police report against the Facebook writer for ridiculing Allah and Islam.

Today, yet another heading screamed Utusan Malaysia's Front Page with a subtitle: Dakwaan Facebook disalah guna hina Islam, Melayu and a title Polis, SKMM siasat.

And suddenly (at last) we get to hear a swift response from the Prime Minister himself asking the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to take action against the perpetrator, when the last time a racial issue bigger than this erupted, it took two weeks fro the PM to give or show his displeasure. For context read Mariam Mokhtar's commentary piece on this: Namewee is a uniting factor.

Although I may not be in agreement with Mariam's entire commentary, but at least she has a point on that matter ~ that some leaders are prejudice or have a double standard in knee jerking on a certain racial issues based on who or which side of the community the perpetrators belong to. Read also Chandra Muzaffar's comment on this matter: Chandra Muzaffar answers your 10 questions.

But be that as it may, the real reason why many parties including some agencies of the government refuse (or keep dragging their feet) to be serious in taking actions on the real perpetrators of racism or people who incite religious and racial hatred by nipping it in the bud lies on the same parallel as the like of Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Ahmad Ismail, Siti Inshah, Namewee and Katy Lim Li Lian.

They are the ones who as in Children of Bodom's lyrics from the song In Your Face says: I don't give a flying fuck! Or in Si laser Azwan Ali's words: Ada aku kisah?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why would Three Dog Night wants to throw away the cars...

In 1970, the American pop group Three Dog Night released the song Joy to The World on the band's album Naturally.

The song was written by Hoyt Axton (March 25, 1938 – October 26, 1999), and is also popularly known by its opening words, "Jeremiah was a bullfrog".

Actually, the band never really wanted to record the song but they needed one last track for the album. They had been on an overseas tour when that album was released and were greatly surprised to hear that the song they didn't want to record ended up being a big hit.

The song went to number one on the pop music charts in February 1971 and was the top single of the year in Billboard Magazine for 1971

I loved this song as a kid, but I have long wondered about the line, "I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the war...". I can understand if people wants to dump bars and wars, but why cars? Why would the group Three Dog Night wants to throw away the cars?... I asked myself.

In the 70s cars and other motorised vehicles are a very convenient mode of transport ~ and still is. But the difference is that even the cheapest car model was a luxury item then, as not many families can afford one. Mine was considered a relatively 'rich' family as my dad was a government servant and owned a car.

It was also around that time my dad changed his second car, a 1963 Hillman 850 with a Peugot 204. But personally I loved the Hillman better, because it has this small window ventilator I like to play with. When my dad drives fast, I would open it a bit, and then wider until the wind blew into my face and make me gasp for breath, then I would close it back. I would also sing my favourite song to the wind from the ventilator as I would get a different sound from my vocals as I adjust the opening ~ as if I was using a sound mixer with a distortion.

You can have a look at old cars like the Volkswagen Beetle, they still have it. In later cars made in the 70s, they discontinued the design of car doors with the ventilators. Practical wise, I think the vents are quite convenient when you need to re-circulate fresh air inside your car without the air-condition.

Now lets get back to the main topic, of which now you would have some hint why anyone would want to throw or ban people from driving cars (or any motorised vehicles).

It has to do with SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!.

In some cultures, like ours, the car (or the car culture) is a reflection of social status. The more expensive the car, or the more cars a single household have, the higher their social status is reflected.

The effects of the automobile on everyday life especially on the rapid use of it have actually burdened man's capability to contain the problem brought about by its by-product. The number one recurring problem is congestion and second is pollution. The third is the high-cost of acquiring and maintaining land and/or building for parking space. The fourth is of course the high usage and unnecessary burning of fossil fuel or non-renewable fuels.

Other effects of the automobile on everyday life include a dramatic increase in the rate of accidental death, social isolation and the disconnection of community, rise in obesity and the facilitation of urban sprawl and urban decay. (taken from an article: Effects of the automobile on societies)

If you live in urban areas, feel or smell the air quality around you. Better still check the Internet on the air quality index of your area. As I write this, I checked the AIR POLLUTANT INDEX (API)/INDEKS PENCEMAR UDARA (IPU) at the Dept of Environment (DOE) website which says as of 3 September 2010 (Friday) in Negeri: Pulau Pinang, Lokasi: Perai, time:7.00am, API: 51 (moderate).

The air quality here is described in terms of an Air Pollutant Index (API). If the API is between 51-100, it means it is moderate or considerable to live with. But if it is above 100, then the air quality is unhealthy, which is proof to the damage we have done to our environment. This also means that nature itself has not been able to neutralize the environment by naturally healing the atmosphere over-night.

An anti-car group called BAN THE CAR says the car culture is a by-product of urbanity. The car culture, as claimed by them, is both a state and a state of mind. It currently, physically dominates the urban landscape, and has hegemonic control over popular culture and government economic and transport policies. The car culture is also associated with independence, freedom, and increased status.

The authorities in most big cities now have been trying a number of alternatives to minimize these problems. One of those is banning cars from entering city centres.

In Norway, the country is considering a ban on all cars powered by fossil fuels. Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen said a proposal to ban sales of new petrol-powered cars from 2015 could help spur struggling car makers to shift to greener models.

In the United Arab Emirates, the government has passed a bill : Cars older than 20 years are going to be banned, and used car dealers won't be allowed to sell cars that are more than 10 years old. The bill was a measure to improve road security and the environment.

In Amsterdam, by 2040 only EV (Electric Vehicles) are allowed in the city. The government has announced its plan to have no internal combustion engine cars in the city. Even for a city like Amsterdam that is already environmentally conscious, as well as easy to get around without a car, this conversion could feasibly take place in 30 years.

In Germany, cars without Diesel Particullate Filters (DPF) are banned from entering German cities since January 1, 2008. Drivers will be required to have an inspection sticker on their windshield that signifies they have a DPF filter if it's an old diesel car, reports AutoBlog Green. Drivers caught without the DPF will have to pay a 40 EUR fine and lose one point from their driver's license.

In the UK, somebody made a petition to the Prime Minister to Ban All Cars. Even though the cars are the green, cleaner types. The creator of the petition says all measures to introduce cleaner cars are pointless. A car causes more damage to the environment when it is being built than when it is being driven around. The petition also wants the production of new cars to stop, to save the world from the release of greenhouse gases and reduce traffic levels.

"Roads in Britain would not have to adapt to growing numbers of cars (in fact, the amount of traffic could well decrease, as new cars are not as well built as older vehicles and tend to wear out after ten years)", the petition says. However, the petition has been rejected because it was outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government.

Italian cities are also banning cars. Rome and Milan are testing a ban on cars with even or odd-numbered licence plates on alternate Thursdays. On Sunday 16 January 2005 people in Rome, Milan and other Italian cities got around on public transport, bicycles, on foot and even on horseback as cars were banned to reduce air pollution.

In Singapore, the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) which charges vehicles entering congested areas of the city was first used in 1978. It was the first city in the world to implement the electronic road toll collection system for purposes of congestion pricing.

Only in Malaysia there is no definite plan on banning or charging cars entering its cities. The only news available with regards to this is the tabling of the Land Public Transport (LPT) Bill in Parliament recently ~ the introduction of an area congestion pricing (ACP) scheme in traffic-snarled cities around the country.

Read theStar: Bumpy road before a smooth drive. 

This congestion toll system is similar to the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) in Singapore, and the Congestion Charge (CC) in London, England. It makes users pay to use roads in the city centre to reduce traffic jams and to promote more efficient use of roads.

This is a good start. 

But in Malaysia every time a new system is being implemented there's always a catch to it. 

Who gets the concession to build the system? 

Will the money collected be pumped back to the people by building new and better roads including a better public transport system?

People here are wary as history tells them that every time a thing like this is created it is just another money pit for the cronies. The government always have an excuse. All profits will be channelled away for building or covering something else.

Maybe we should get the Three Dog Night to reunite and perform here in Malaysia.

What they should write next is a song that says rather than ban the cars we should just ban the cronies and throw the government away.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two 'Nahs' video don't make one 'Nah' video a right.

I found these sayings in a Wikipedia posting:

~ Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wrights make an airplane -- ShadowDragon 20:57, 12 Aug 2003 (UTC).

~ Sign outside Chinese restaurant: Two Wongs make it right!

~ Two wrongs don't make a right, but three do...

This entry is about the third saying, ironically speaking, that is!

First it was the alleged racial slurs committed by the two principal/headmistress of two secondary schools, one south, the other from the north of the peninsular as you can read in my earlier posting: Warped logic by unintelligent people of PERKASA

The second is the vulgarity laden rap video in response to the alleged racist statement by the principal from the southern peninsular school. The video entitled "Nah" was made by the infamous Wee Meng Chee or better known as Namewee (of the Negarakuku infamy). Namewee was alleged to have uploaded the video clip on YouTube, in which the contents of his rap song targeted the school principal and also labeled the Education Ministry as rude. It was claimed to be seditious.

Also check this out: Namewee Respond Terhadap Isu Racism di Malaysia NAH!!

Namewee later surrendered himself to the police, who recorded a statement from him. Read 'Namewee' Gives Statement to police.

Wee said he had the support of the people although his action to produce a three-minute video clip was deemed seditious by some for condemning a principal who allegedly made a racist statement recently.

Now, the first alleged wrong or wrongs made by the two teachers, which has been filed for police reports under acts of sedition by members of the public (amounting to 50 reports) to me must be true or else the police would have rounded up the 50 odd complainants. Because if these complaints weren't true, the complainants may have been charged with issuing false reports if the other party were to counter the report on their complainants.

The second wrong was done by Namewee by publishing or uploading the Nah video - FUCK Racism Malaysia NAH!!! Sucks Banana! ... no matter what excuse Namewee wants to give to the extent of his anger on the earlier incident.

The third is of course the swift reaction of the police in response to the Namewee's published video. This fast and efficient job by the police in response to complaints made by members of the public when it was reported in the mainstream media, a day earlier can surely be applauded. Even reports by members of the public directly to the police stations may sometimes not be undertaken as fast as this particular incident.

Now, why do I say the third one does (make a right)... because you have to let the police do their work -- before things get out-of-control -- and before some other smart-ass imbecile make another Nah video ~ FUCK Chinese Malaysia NAH!!! Sucks Cucumber! ... in response to Namewee's earlier Nah video.

So do you dig it?

~ Two wrongs don't make a right, but three do... because the third one must be done correctly as was in this case or else someone might want to parody Namewee's video and produce another blockbuster.

So two 'Nahs' video don't make one 'Nah' video a right...RIGHT!

Enough with one 'Nah' video. Let's put the case to rest.