Monday, August 30, 2010

Warped logic by unintelligent people of PERKASA

The latest outbreak on acts of racism in the country involving a school principal at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Pulai in the state of Johor is really disturbing.

Unless you live in a cocoon or as the proverbial Malay peribahasa goes "katak bawah tempurung", then you may agree with me that racism and racist remarks uttered by irresponsible people are rampant in Malaysia.

Some academics say that racial polarization according to ethnicity is even worse.

Reports of derision such as describing Malaysian Indians as dogs and Malaysian Chinese as outsiders or pendatang and that they should go back to their homeland, China are a common affair, especially when uttered by politicians.

In the incident, over 50 parents and students had lodged reports against the principal, who allegedly described the non-Malays as “penumpang” (passengers) in the country during her speech at the start of the celebration on Aug 12.

Last week the police was reported to have investigated the principal who allegedly uttered the remarks against non-Malay students during the Merdeka celebration at the school. Kulaijaya deputy OCPD Asst Supt Mohd Kamil said police had received 12 reports against the principal since Saturday and that the case was being investigated under Section 504 of the Penal Code. 
TheStar report here

More disturbing is the fact that the school principal herself was reported to have admitted that she is half-Chinese.

Perkasa President, Datuk Ibrahim Ali in a statement to Utusan Malaysia (28.08.2010) said he wants the Ministry of Education to act professionally on the principal. According to Ibrahim, she even has Chinese blood running in her as her mother is Chinese, so there shouldn't be a racial issue here. Ibrahim was reported to have said that to reporters on a social visit to the principal's house in Kampung Melayu, Kulaijaya on 27.08.2010.

Hmmm... Ibrahim, you always give unintelligent warped logic. You think you can fool people by saying since the principal is half-Chinese, so she can utter as many racist remarks -- because her mother is a Chinese.

So, the next time it will be okay for you if a Malay who is half-Indian to utter racist remarks against the Malaysian Indians -- all because a precedent has been set by the half Chinese school principal.

I don't know what will happen to the pride and stability of this country if people like Datuk Ibrahim Ali were chosen as leaders?

On 21.08.2010 Malaysian Mirror reported another case of racist remark being uttered in a school by a headmistress. The Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Bukit Selambau, Sungai Petani secondary school head was alleged to have told her Chinese pupils to "return to China".

The report Another school head in Kedah accused of racism.

We will wait and see how this case will unfold and what Datuk Ibrahim Ali wants to say about it. Maybe this headmistress also have Chinese blood in her.



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The non-Muslim 'doa' issue and the cynical, politically-incorrect

After being in a self-censorship hiatus for quite some time, this will be one of the few SOPO (social-political) write-up I care to indulge with in this blog.

As I have said to someone dear before, I am trying hard not to opine or show my political stance with regards to the political atmosphere of this country. I sincerely hope I will stay clear of anything that has got to do with partisan politics in the future.'s not that I am apolitical, but just the opposite, I am very much an opinionated political beast. But much to the dislike of some pea-brain nitwit, I am against gutter politics as much as I hate partisan politics.

Now, do you dig that?

This entry is about the religious "doa" fuss -- that a Friday prayer khatib (preacher) had used Penang Chief Minister, YAB Lim Guan Eng's name instead of the YDP Agong in some Friday congregational prayers in Penang.

Even the Penang police is being roped in and a special team created to investigate the matter, as if it is of a very critical national concern. Read Pasukan khas siasat isu khutbah ditubuh

The police is investigating the matter according to Seksyen 4 A, Akta Hasutan 1984. Maybe they are concerned that if a Muslim say a prayer to a non-Muslim, then the whole population of Malaysian Muslim's will go on a rampage, as according to some scholars (Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria being one of them) it is haram (wrong) to do that.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini published a post: Doa untuk bukan Muslim by none other than the revered ex-Mufti of Perlis, Dr Asri Zainul Abidin, refuting Dato' Harussani's claim about the matter being haram. Dr Asri said it is not wrong to pray for the well-being (mendoakan kesejahteraan) of a non-Muslim.

Dr Asri wrote: Bagi saya, doa kebaikan untuk bukan Muslim seperti agar memerintah dengan adil atau mendapat kesejahteraan kesihatan, keamanan, harta dan seumpamanya adalah dibolehkan. Dada Islam amat luas dalam hal ini. Syaratnya, doa kesejahteraan itu bukan untuk orang bukan Muslim yang bermusuh dengan Islam.

Actually, this issue brought about by the mainstream media is very much gutter politics rather than religious. Any right thinking person can attest to that.

Only a dumb nitwit would say otherwise, and these nitwits include all the retarded politicians at Utusan Malaysia who have nothing better to do than interviewing people who were at the incident and then blowing it up to mass proportions in their papers. Just because they want Lim Guan Eng's head, somebody else had to be a scapegoat to their agenda. And it happens, a khatib (preacher) by the name of Zakaria Ahmad had sacrificed himself to their schemes.

Notwithstanding the khatib involved, who had yesterday sincerely apologized about the matter in an interview with Bernama.

Zakaria said, "Bagi saya, berdoa (untuk orang bukan Islam) itu tidak salah cuma cara berdoa dan tempat (ketika khutbah Jumaat) itu yang dikatakan menjadi kesalahan. InsyaAllah lepas ini saya tidak akan mendoakan lagi (khutbah Jumaat) kalau hendak mendoakan pun di tempat lain," katanya kepada pemberita selepas memberi keterangan kepada jawatankuasa Majlis Agama Islam Pulau Pinang (MAIPP) di Georgetown.

The full Bernama report here

Zakaria said that if it was wrong for him to do it (doa for Lim Guan Eng) it was only a matter of saying the prayer at the wrong place (at a Friday prayer congregation, where there are so many pea-brain nitwits who couldn't differentiate between what's beneficial for everyone than what's politically-correct to their own group only).

Yes, Zakaria, you should be more wary about what you say in your prayer especially when those poor fellas are listening. They are just waiting for you to make the next mistake.

I think the next time Zakaria wants to read a prayer he should include: "Ya Allah, tolonglah hamba-hambaMu yang jahil ini keluar dari kesesatan, kekurangan dan kebejatan ilmu pengetahuan, yang disebabkan itu, hanya mahu ambil kesempatan berdasarkan akal dan nafsu dari kesempitan politik kami sehingga tidak tahu membezakan antara yang baik dan yang buruk, dan yang tidak pernah mahu mengaku bahawa sebenarnya hati dan perasaan kami yang busuk ini telah beriri hati dan berhasad dengki dengan kebaikan dan kebijaksanaan yang telah dilakukan oleh orang lain, walaupun orang itu bukan dari kalangan orang Islam."

There, I've said it. Does this make me a cynical, politically-incorrect biased person?

I rest my case.

Read also Sakmongkol's piece: What does UMNO Penang fear?

Monday, August 23, 2010

How thieves/robbers mark your houses

I got this email from a friend today. Not sure if this is a hoax or just to scare people. Maybe our readers here can enlighten us how real is this threat:

Subject: Fw: Caution! How thieves/robbers mark your houses
This is taken from a newspaper article in local Chinese papers recently.
Take note of any unusual markings in front of your house.
It could be a code for these unsavory people.
[ + ] or [ - ]
means Owner not in house during day/night
[ Θ ] means Staying alone or Renting
means 3 family members staying
[ ]
means House has been broken in before
*  ] means Target
[ X ] 
means Not Target, Not Safe 

I guess this is what happens when even thieves and robbers get smarter after watching P. Ramlee's Ali Baba Bujang Lapok

Ali Baba Bujang Lapok Part 3/13

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kelantan's Gold Dinar - we're talking about real money!

In 2001(about 9 years ago), it was then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed who mooted (or tried to reintroduce) the idea of a gold payment system — the Gold Dinar — to settle bilateral and multilateral trade payments among countries and thereby eliminate foreign exchange risk.

He said, gold should be used as a medium of exchange and as a unit of account instead of the national currencies. But the International Monetary Fund (IMF) prohibits the use of gold as a medium of payment and as such the proposed gold dinar was a potential violation of the IMF rule.

On Aug 1 2001, Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB) in a statement by its senior general manager, Ismail Mahayudin said that the use of Islamic gold dinar as common currency among the Islamic countries could be workable. 

He said, "If the Europeans could do it with their Euro currency, then why not us?" at a seminar called "Islamic-Based Financing - What is it?" organised by the bank.

The Malaysian Islamic Economic Development Foundation (YPEIM) director-general Datuk Abdul Malek Awang Kechil also welcomed the statement that Malaysia is capable of pioneering the use of the Islamic currency of dinar.

A day earlier, Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi (leader of the Darqawi-Shadhili-Qadiri Tariqa, founder of the Murabitun World Movement and author of numerous books on Islam) had called on Malaysia to lead the promotion of the Islamic dinar in international trade.

The full report here.

In 2002, Dr. Mahathir had again reiterated his support that Malaysia initiates the Gold Dinar. In response to that the Institute of Islamic Understanding (Ikim) hosted a two-day seminar in Kuala Lumpur on Oct. 22-23, called "The Gold Dinar in Multilateral Trade." 

This was the second major conference in Malaysia on this subject involving representatives of members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). 

The first conference, "Stable and Just Global Monetary Systems," held in August the same year, announced that the Gold Dinar would be implemented as a bilateral arrangement between Malaysia and certain unspecified partners by the middle of 2003, and extended to multilateral agreements over time.

This was also the gist of Michael O. Billington's article: Gold Dinar:An Economic and Strategic Respons to Chaos

If the past week's news on the Kelantan Government's effort to reintroduce the Gold Dinar is anything to go by -- or taken in an extreme or worst still, Islamophobic way, the Gold Dinar iniative can translate into something like - we are trying to be retrogressive - economically!

But, are we (being retrogressive)?

It is actually the opposite. There is actually so much potential in the Gold Dinar.

In response to the Malaysian Insider news-report: Kelantan Launches Gold Dinar, a reader by the nick of Obama has a good argument to offer. He wrote:

What makes for good money ? Common sense makes the following properties desire-able of good money :
It must be portable, you can carry it in your pocket. Barrels of oil wont do.
It must be relatively easily divisible to get smaller denominations. e.g.. You cannot easily divide diamonds, they won't do.
It must be durable. Iron wont do, it rusts away.
It must be desire-able. Dog turds wont do , nobody wants them.
It must not be counterfeit-able. Paper wont do, you can just print it up.
It must not have overwhelming industrial use so there is enough to save. Platinum wont do, all the platinum is used up by industry.
It must have constant marginal utility. i.e. it must never lose its attraction. water wont do, because after a certain point you don't want anymore water.
It must not be ubiquitous. Salt or beads wont do it is everywhere.
When you take all this into account , then you arrive at gold as the most perfect money out of all substances known to man. This is why gold has been the perfect money for 5000 years and is still not surpassed.

There is only one system that may work where you don't actually have to carry gold in your pocket and that is Real Bills CLEARED for physical gold. But, failing that , physical gold coins are the most superior money that exists, and we would all be better off if we reverted to a physical gold currency.

Islam has it correct, and that is one of the reasons that the western moneychangers want to destroy it. They are a block to the spread of usury and fractional reserve banking, the cancer that has destroyed us.
Now why hasn't the current Malaysian government or even the previous (Paklah's) started on it? And now the Kelantan Government has got the upper hand against them, in this matter.
Check-out the Kelantan's World Islamic Mint website which has the smallest denomination of the Gold Dinar (1/2 Dinar) at :: RM 292.50 as of today. Yesterday, the smallest denomination of the Gold Dinar (1/2 Dinar) is valued at RM296.

Bernama's yesterday (18.08.2010) report said that the Kelantan folks were queuing by the numbers at Ar Rahn Bank in Kota Bharu to buy the Dinar: Dinar, dirham jadi rebutan rakyat Kelantan

More to come

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Does it matter what religion we belong to?

To every living human whether you are a Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or you belong to any other religion or even agnostic, I hope this news-report by

DAVID D. MATHEW in the Sunday Star August 15, 2010 

would inspire us to be more mature, wise and tolerant of our differences

Does it matter what religion we belong to?

Kudos to New York mayor Micheal Bloomberg and the people of New York and America.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ariel boleh 'Jeruk' dilokap jika tidak mengaku

Do you know what it means in Malay when someone sends you pickles in jail or the police lock-up?

Metaphorically it says -- please stay there quietly and obey the rules (or do as they say).

That was what I believe friends of Ariel Peterpan from the infamous Peterporn scandal did exactly to Ariel during this Ramadhan while he was still locked-up -- sending him an analogical message so that he (Ariel) confesses to his 'crime' -- that the person in the pornographic act was actually him.

In Malay it means -- "baik kamu mengaku aja, kalau tidak kamu juga bisa seperti jeruk ini...enggak bisa bebas!"
Read the news report by clicking on the pic above.

Sebab itu rakan-rakan setianya menghantar 'Jeruk' pada Ariel di lokap, khasnya agar dia insaf dan mengaku saja. 

A day earlier, on the first of Ramadhan, it was reported that both Ariel and Cut Tari were made to watch the purported video at the police lock-up. Cut Tari's lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea (pic left) confirmed about the meeting but refused to divulge the details.

However, Hotman did say that Ariel -- after watching the video still refused to admit he was the person in it, whereas Cut Tari voluntarily admitted. Cut Tari said she was sad that Ariel did not admit he was the person in the video.

A police source said, Ariel will be united with his lover, Luna Maya, but no dates were given.

click on the pic for more details

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cut Tari should get a divorce and marry Ariel - Farhat Abbas

About a month ago, Farhat Abbas, 34, Indonesia's most famous celebrity lawyer said Luna Maya was a victim of Ariel's crime. This was what he said:

“Luna adalah mangsa, mangsa daripada otak kriminal Ariel. Ternyata Ariel melakukan tidak hanya sama Luna. Tujuannya untuk apa? Kalau untuk dokumentasi peribadi kenapa tidak dengan teman wanita atau isterinya sendiri, tapi kenapa dengan isteri orang?” kata Farhat.

Translation: Luna is a victim of Ariel's criminal mind. It is a fact that Ariel committed those acts not just with Luna. What was it for? If it was just for personal documentation, then why did he not do it with his wife or girlfriend. But why did he do it with another person's wife?

Farhat suggested that the singer repent and complete the investigation process. He also urged all those who had recorded the porn act with Ariel to admit and ask the law to protect them.

The story here.

Yesterday it was reported that Farhat had insisted the flamboyant singer to marry both Luna Maya and Cut Tari, all at once (in a polygamous marriage).

In, Farhat was reported to have said: "Menurut pendapat saya, jika Ariel, Luna dan Tari mau ringan hukumannya, Ariel harus menikahi Luna Maya. Dan Cut Tari harus bercerai dengan suaminya, kemudian Cut Tari mengikuti langkah Luna Maya untuk menikah juga dengan Ariel,"

Translation: In my opinion, if Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari want to have their sentenced reduced, Ariel must wed Luna Maya. Cut Tari must get a divorce from her husband and then marry Ariel.

According to Farhat this is a fair deal and the best solution for them to get a reduced sentence.

The story here or click on the pic right. -------->
Farhat Abbas, 34 is the husband of singer-actress Nia Daniati, 50 (pic left). They both wed in 2002. More about Nia Daniati here.

Phewww...what a great idea coming from a wise and experienced lawyer!

But if you really get to know the kind of life this man is leading, then you'll know the reason why.

More about the love life of this famous here, here and here!